Inside the Life-and-Death Hunts of a Mysterious Tribe of Hunter-Gatherers

Unlike the hostile reception an American missionary received from the remote Sentinelese people last year, Doug Bock Clark was brought along on spiritual whale hunts for a view inside a fading culture.
Seth Ferranti

Neanderthals' Terrible Art Might Explain Why They Died Out

It's a new theory on the evolution of the human brain.
Rebecca Kamm

This Is What Deer Stalkers Eat for Breakfast

“It was a male muntjac weighing about eight kilos. Here’s his liver and his kidneys.”
Johanna Derry

Meet the 'Ethical Carnivore' Who Spent a Year Only Eating Animals That She Killed Herself

Louise Gray is author of The Ethical Carnivore, a book documenting the year she spent eating meat she saw raised and slaughtered herself.
Ava Szajna-Hopgood

A Brief History of Donald Trump Junior Being Dumb

The 'Fredo' of the family has a habit of saying things that he probably shouldn't say.
Eve Peyser
The Politics of Food

The Ethics of Hunting Seals

The more we consider the seal hunt, the more questions we raise about ourselves.
Adam Leith Gollner
seal meat

Eating Seal Meat Is a Vital Part of Life in My Community

Many people opposed to seal hunting don't understand that kids in indigenous communities are hungry, and it's painful to see that. It's ridiculous that other cultures are welcome to survive off of our natural resources, but we're not.
Tanya Tagaq
fox hunting

A Political Bloodsport: the Hunting Act in 2017 and Beyond

Last month Theresa May reaffirmed her support for fox hunting and promised a free vote during the next parliament. What is the future for this broadly unpopular bloodsport?
Jim Weeks
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Shooting Hogs from Balloons Could Soon Be a Reality in Texas

The state legislature just passed a bill to legalize the practice, because apparently hunting them from helicopters was too noisy.
Drew Schwartz

Kreator’s Mille Petrozza Is Still the Angriest Vegan in Metal

The German thrash legend opens up about staying relevant, staying healthy, and staying pissed
Alec Chillingworth
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This Guy Somehow Survived Two Separate Grizzly Attacks in the Same Day

"Life sucks in bear country," the bloody 50-year-old said in a video he filmed just moments after the attacks.
VICE Staff

China Has Banned the Sale of Endangered Animals as Food

The Chinese government banned the production and sale of food made from state-protected wild animals last week, promising to update the list of what’s protected every five years as populations in the wild recover or take a dive.
Wyatt Marshall