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Why One of the World's Biggest Rockstars Got Away with Child Abuse

Ian Watkins' crimes were a new type of appalling, yet he managed to keep offending for four years after complaints were made to police.
Kevin EG Perry
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Ian Watkins Has Allegedly Been Grooming a Fan from Prison

The 21-year-old woman's two-year-old daughter was removed from her care following the discovery, 'The Sun' reports.
Noisey UK Staff

Why Do We Assume Paedophiles Look a Certain Way?

Dirty trench coat, oversized NHS glasses and lank, thinning hair. We spoke to some experts in an attempt to understand the stereotypes surrounding child sex abusers.
Adam Forrest

Pop Will Rewrite Itself: Why No One Is Celebrating Top Of The Pops's 50th Birthday

And if we're allowed to edit and screw with the past, we have to ask who's doing the editing.
sam wolfson

Pontypridd Isn't Proud of Ian Watkins Any More

How are residents of the Welsh town reacting to the downfall of a local hero?
Michael O'Connell-Davidson

How "Mega Lolz!!!!" Became The Catchphrase Of Lostprophets

Ian Watkins has been sentenced to 29 years in prison. He told a friend his crimes were "Mega Lolz".
VICE Staff
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Ian Watkins' Crimes Will Force Thousands to Reimagine Their Adolescence

No one's clinging on to their memories of "Last Train Home" at Leeds 2007 any more.
Gavin Haynes
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We Asked Lostprophets Fans How They Feel About Ian Watkins' Confession

Will they ever be able to separate the music they love from the man who abuses kids?
Jak Hutchcraft
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Would You Stop Listening to an Artist's Music If They Did Something Horrible?

"No. But then I never even listened to Gary Glitter in the first place."
Mica Dublin