Iceland's President Walks Back His Desire to Ban Pineapple Pizza

"I went a step too far," he said.


Queensland Woman to Serve 12 Months For Biting Her Husband's Tongue Off

He was literally left speechless after an unwanted sexual advance.


What It's Like to Go to a Music Festival When You're Pregnant as Hell

I went to Sónar Reykjavík five months pregnant to see Danny Brown, meet Björk, and prove that I've still got it (and that I love live music).


All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Paedophile hunter evidence used to charge 150 suspects.


Sigur Rós Reportedly Investigated For Tax Evasion, Then Cleared

The Icelandic post-rockers said in a statement that they had £5.7 million worth of assets frozen thanks to an accounting error.


Jóhann Jóhannsson, Visionary Icelandic Composer, Dies at 48

Jóhannsson, who composed the music for 'The Theory of Everything,' 'Sicario,' and 'Arrival,' was found dead at his apartment in Berlin on Friday.


Hats Off to the Guy Who Put on Ten Layers of Clothes When He Was Unable to Pay a Bag Fee

Designer Ryan Hawaii was turned away from two flights in Iceland after putting on all the extra clothing weighing down his luggage.


All the News You Need to Read This Morning

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Chef Gunnar Gíslason Shows Us How Iceland Does Late Night Snacks

He's a big fan of the open-faced sandwich.


What Eating Shark and Whale in Iceland Taught Me About Ethics

Can eating shark and whale meat between scenic geysers and volcanoes bring us back to a pure, earthly paradise and simpler time?


Björk’s Beautiful 'Utopia' Is Hopeful in the Face of Decay

Björk Guðmundsdóttir has always worked together with nature, but on her new album, for the first time, she creates her own ecology. It's a stunning response to our ugly Anthropocene.


Cod and Potato Toast

Transport yourself to Iceland with this classic Scandinavian dish.