Mississippi Restaurants Are Being Targeted in Immigration Raid

The restaurant industry has faced increasingly debilitating labour shortages over the last few years, and a rise in ICE raids on restaurants would almost certainly serve to exacerbate the issue.


An Artist-Slash-Model Explores His Identity as an Immigrant

In the fashion industry, it is said that models are to be seen, not heard. Sang Woo Kim isn't playing ball.


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Journalist and author Ben Judah goes undercover to walk in the footsteps of EU migrants, unearthing the conditions newcomers are up against in Brexit Britain.


Korean Artist Sketches Awkward Daily Life in Illustrations

Kyung Me paints the complete portrait of an awkward, boring, self-pitying life in the city.


How Freedom Shaped Ukrainian Art, At Home and Abroad

The exhibition 'Reality Check' celebrates 25 years of Ukrainian independence and the effects of freedom.


Why Does Radical Islam Appeal to So Many Young Men?

After the San Bernardino shootings and the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, I asked some of my friends, who have dabbled in extremism, what the draw is for so many young muslims.


Being a Teenager is Hard Enough Without Having to Learn English as a Second Language

For immigrants who come to America as children and teenagers, adapting to a new language can make middle and high school feel like hell.


Uproot Andy's "Barrioteca" Is the Sound of New York's Immigrant Neighborhoods

Uproot Andy shares a new track ahead of the Que Bajo's tropical bass party at RBMA Festival.


Europe or Die: Our Documentary About the Migrant Crisis

An in-depth look at the situation playing out in the Mediterranean.


Europe Or Die: Trapped In Bulgaria – Part Three

In episode three of Europe or Die, VICE News correspondent Milène Larsson visits Bulgaria to see Europe's newest border fence and speaks to Syrians who, because of the EU's Dublin Regulation, are trapped in one of Europe's poorest countries.


Europe Or Die – Part Two: Death Boats to Greece (1/2)

VICE News correspondent Milène Larsson visits the border between Greece and Turkey to find out what happens to the many migrants who perish while attempting to cross Greece's dangerous Evros river.


Mexico's Immigrant Oasis

The town of Altar, Sonora is the last stop before the border.