• 3.25.19

      Aloo Parathas Recipe

      The ultimate way to use up leftover mashed potatoes: wrapped in dough and pan-fried.

    • 8.8.18

      Mango Pickle Recipe (Avakkai Pickle)

      Sweet-spicy pickled green mangoes are the perfect accompaniment to everything from rice and dal to grilled cheese.

    • 7.13.18

      Chicago Is For Doom Lovers

      Some thoughts on doom and friendship in Chicago, Indian's return, and new tunes from Cliterati, Dispirit, Infernal Coil, and lots more.

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    • 11.2.17

      Preeti Mistry Is Shutting Down Her Restaurant, but She’s Not Going Away

      "It's going to kill me if I try to do it all," says Mistry, who just released 'The Juhu Beach Club Cookbook'. "I'd like to be superhuman, but I'm not."

    • 10.16.17

      Spicy Lamb Noodles

      This dish has got a major kick to it, so if you're a bit of a wuss in the spice department, add in less chilies.

    • 6.14.17

      Besan Ladoo

      This ultra-easy Indian dessert gets its nuttiness from chickpea flour.

    • 6.12.17

      Pistachio Peda

      These fudgy Indian sweets are lightly scented with cardamom and the perfect accompaniment to tea.

    • 5.5.17

      Potato Sabsi

      The humble potato gets a makeover and golden glow from turmeric in this simple and healthy dish.

    • 3.24.17

      Butter Chicken

      This Drake-approved dish uses twice-marinated chicken and tonnes of spice for flavoursome, perfectly tender meat.