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Bow Down to Aubergine Pickle, the God-Tier Condiment

Bottom-tier: piccalilli and own-brand ketchup. Mid-tier: mayonnaise and HP Sauce. God-tier: aubergine pickle.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
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My Indian Mother's Refusal to Cook Taught Me Everything About Womanhood and Food

There is plenty to tell about my mother, but no recipes bound and weighted by rituals, no tales of a mother figure carrying the weight of my family’s life at the table.
Sharanya Deepak

London’s Desi Pubs Are a Proud British-Indian Tradition

A fixture of the communities where migrants have settled, South Asian-owned pubs offer tandoori grills and homemade roti alongside draught ale and darts.
Ciaran Thapar

Easy Fish Curry Recipe

A flavourful curry is pretty much the perfect meal, always.
Cheetie Kumar
South Asian food

How This Town Became a South Asian Sweet Shop Paradise

Bradford’s first mithai shop was opened in 1964 by Abdul Rehman, a Pakistani migrant working in the city's textiles mills. Other shops soon followed and today, Bradford is a sugary haven of laddu and gulab jamun.
Aina Khan

How I Learned to Love Rooh Afza, the Pungent Rose Syrup of My Childhood

The luminous red bottle was there every Ramadan, and at the family dinners hosted by my grandmother.
Aina Khan
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Meet the Pakistani Chef Teaching Colonial History Through Food

"It’s startling how little people know about Partition. The largest immigration of human movement across two countries took place and thousands lost their lives."
Ruchira Sharma
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This Blogger Wants to Make Bengali Food Instagram-Famous

Thahmina Haseen is quietly leading the UK’s Bengali food revolution.
Salma Haidrani
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How to Build an Indian Food Empire in Four Years

In 2014, Nisha Katona quit her job as a barrister to focus on cooking. Today she has five restaurants, three cookbooks, and a 29,000-strong Twitter following.
Kamila Rymajdo
Indian Food

In My Family, Weekends Mean Aloo Paratha

Almost every Sunday morning, my parents, brother, and I come together over steaming plates of buttery flatbread stuffed with potatoes and served alongside pickles and creamy yogurt.
Poonam Dhuffer

This Entrepreneur Thinks Saffron Is the New Vanilla

"Vanilla is used as a mainstream ingredient in everything from ice cream to ready-made Mr. Kipling Bakewell tarts. I think saffron can take that position."
Ruchira Sharma
Indian Food

The Fight to Save One of London's Most Historic Curry Houses

Founded in 1946 by the India League, an organisation that campaigned for British India’s independence, The India Club is part-restaurant, part-time capsule. Now redevelopment plans threaten to turn the building into a luxury hotel.
Zamira Rahim