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'Clustertruck' Is a Physics Nightmare That’s Hilarious and Fun to Play

Jumping from one truck doesn't sound like a recipe for comedy, but 'Clustertruck' manages to be a smart, interesting platformer that'll have you laughing the whole time, too.


The Making of Indie Puzzle Game ‘Hue’, Part II

When I last met the makers of this great little game, they were 70 percent happy with it. On the eve of its release, are they 100 percent satisfied?


‘Yooka-Laylee’ Wants to Reward the Curiosity of Gamers Old and New

Massive, colourful open worlds stretch out before you, showing that while this is indebted to the past, it's a very modern gaming experience.


How Indie Games ‘The Company of Myself’ and ‘Fixation’ Promote Seeking Professional Help for Mental Health

We speak to developer Eli Piilonen about using games to show people struggling with mental health that they're not alone.


How Scuba Diving Inspired a Realistic Underwater Video Game

Talking 'Abzû' with game developer Matt Nava (artistic director on 'Journey' and 'Flower').


The Makers of ‘Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture’ Reflect on Happiness and Horrors

The Chinese Room founders Jessica Curry and Dan Pinchbeck look back, a year later, at what their multi-award-winning game taught them for the future.


'The Fall' Is One of Gaming's Most Overlooked Sci-Fi Stories

There's a teaser trailer for a sequel to 'The Fall', and it's a fantastic opportunity to catch a game you probably missed.


I Can’t Keep ‘Headlander’ Out of My Mind at the Moment

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‘Abzû’ Is the Stress-Free Video Game Our Frantic Lives Need Right Now

Giant Squid's diving simulator does little that's truly original, but its art and music combine for the most wonderful escape from reality.