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IndyCar Driver Fortunate to Escape Terrifying Pit-Lane Collision

How this happened, we don't know. We're just lucky his head's still attached.
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Retired Racing Driver Dario Franchitti Discusses Long-Term Damage Caused by Concussions

Scottish racing driver Dario Franchitti has talked about losing several weeks from his memory and how his first concussion permanently altered his personality.
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Meet Alexander Rossi, the Surprise Rookie Winner of the Indy 500

A day after his shock victory at the Indianapolis 500, Alexander Rossi was in reflective mood. Anne Proffit was there.
Anne Profit,
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An Anti-Hillary Clinton Group Wants to Sponsor a Car at the Indy 500

They're unlikely to reach a deal for a car, an engine, or even a driver.
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Why Juan Pablo Montoya Will Be an IndyCar Title Contender Again

At age 40, the versatile Montoya is driven by sheer passion but blends it with experience and wisdom gained from years on the track.
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The Cult: Simona de Silvestro

Simona de Silvestro is one of the toughest athletes going. Gender doesn't even come into it.
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Throwback Thursday: The Death of Dan Wheldon

Four years ago this week, the death of reigning Indy 500 champion Dan Wheldon shocked the motorsport community.
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British Driver Justin Wilson Dies Following IndyCar Accident

Justin Wilson has died following a freak accident in Sunday's IndyCar race
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The Cult: Will Power

Will Power has a name that suggests cool, calm, and collected. In reality, he's none of those things — just one hell of a racing driver.
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Throwback Thursday: The Death of Jeff Krosnoff

19 years ago this week, American motorsport lost a likeable, passionate driver in a horrific, freak accident that also claimed the life of a track worker.
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Cry-Baby of the Week: A Woman Stabbed Someone in the Eye in an Argument Over Ribs

Also this week: A guy allegedly choked his fiancé because she said IndyCar was better than NASCAR.
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The Indy 500 Fans Are Scared to See

The Indy 500 is the only race on the IndyCar schedule that anyone pays attention to. But this year it's got people's attention for all the wrong reasons.
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