Buffalo Zine Makes Fancy Print Mags Funny Again

it's a magazine that goes through a complete redesign for every issue, and puts the humour back into the world of fashion publications.


'Headmaster' Is a Magazine for Men Who Love Men and Art

We spoke to the editors about the most recent issue, which involved sending artists on field trips.


'Office' Magazine Is Full of Art, Fashion, and Magic City Strippers

"It doesn't matter whether you like it or not, just as long as you can't help having an opinion about it... That's 'Office'."


'Chomp' Magazine Offers a Queer Look at Japanese Street Culture

Like the famous gay magazine Butt, Chomp places erotic photographs of skate guys alongside personal profiles and interviews.


'Neptún' Magazine Captures the Weirdness of Iceland

Neptún is a biannual print mag that surveys Iceland's most promising photographers. The co-editor talked with us about the publication and her favorite up-and-coming Icelandic artists.


​Ladybeard Is the Feminist Glossy Mag Talking Real Sex For Everyone

This is what glossies will look like once patriarchy is a thing of the past.


Despite being founded by two kids with artistic families, 'ALL-IN' isn't just a vanity project.

Despite being founded by two kids with artistic families, ALL-IN isn't just a vanity project. The first issue features Willem Dafoe, John Waters, Chris Kraus, and is definitely worth spending a week's worth of lunch money on.


'Flaneur' Magazine Will Turn Your Street into a Print Publication

Each issue explores a specific street in a specific city using an innovative mix of art, text and design.