Inside Dishonored 2


Continuing the Tale: In Conversation with 'Dishonored 2' Director Harvey Smith

Presented by 'Dishonored 2'. We speak to the game's director about the challenge of making a sequel when you never planned for one.


Carving a Path: In Conversation with 'Dishonored 2' Designer Dinga Bakaba

Presented by 'Dishonored 2'. We speak to the designer about accommodating different play styles in the same game.


From ‘Castle Wolfenstein’ to ‘Dishonored 2’: A Brief History of Stealth Games

Presented by 'Dishonored 2'. The sneakiness of Arkane's new game is a key part of how it plays – so let's take a moment to look back at some of its predecessors.


These Radical Rulers of History are the Real Emily Kaldwins

Presented by 'Dishonored 2'. Emily Kaldwin is the rightful heir to the throne in 'Dishonored 2', but she'll have to fight to get it. But she won't be the first to do so.


The Propaganda and Branding of ‘Dishonored 2’

Presented by 'Dishonored 2'. Jean-Luc Monnet, the game's assistant art director, explains a little about the game world's posters and advertisements.