Instagram Report


Why is Jessie J’s Instagram So Extra?

Theory: the singer's extremely regular posts prove that if she doesn't sing daily acapella runs, she'll perish.


What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week 3/6

Featuring gas hoses, Bernie's rap album cover, and very creepy cat masks.


What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Christmas

Catch up on how your faves are spending the holidays.


Meet the Anonymous Instagram User Dedicated to Calling Out Rappers with Fake Watches

He is @FakeWatchBusta, and he is like Batman, but for watches. He's busted everyone from Rick Ross to Soulja Boy to Sean Kingston.


Chingy's Instagram Account Is Full of Conspiracy Theories

Get ready to thoroughly squeegee your third eye, sheeple.


2 Chainz Needs to Stop Instagramming Pictures of His Food

Despite being one of the coolest dudes in America, 2 Chainz is consistently engaging in some of the least cool behavior ever. This needs to end. Now.


Musicians With Sports Stars

If Instagram was an exact location I'd place it somewhere halfway-in-between Purgatory and Hell and thus christen it 'Hellgatory' - or the city of Los Angeles (whatever tickles your fancy).


Here's All the People Riff Raff Claims to be Working With

Riff Raff says he's working with Pusha T, Machine Gun Kelly, Nelly, Bizarre from D12, Drake, 40, A$AP Rocky, Chip Tha Ripper, and two adorable girls in pageant dresses.


Kanye West Took a Really Weird Picture with Aziz Ansari and His Parents

Kanye, much like Derek Zoolander, only has one look.


Chris Brown Faked His Community Service Hours, and then Complained on Instagram About People Giving Him Shit For Faking Said Community Service Hours

There are very few people who I'm 100% comfortable calling a douchebag on the Internet. Chris Brown is one of those people.


DJ Khaled in a Bathtub

There's wisdom in those bubbles, trust us.