Akinola Davies Jr Is Reclaiming African Treasures Stolen by White Colonisers

His latest film criticises museums for holding onto looted art.


How to Make a Career Out of Throwing Outrageous Dinner Parties

Sam Bompas, one half of culinary art studio Bompas and Parr, talks about his job bringing physicists, magicians, and microbiologists into the food world.


Unsettling Anime Masks Exorcise This Artist's Insecurities

Valery Jung Estabrook made a series of emoji-like masks to escape the roles society asks her to play.


The Spring/Break Art Fair Is Filled with Awesome and Weird Creative Works

Photographer Maggie Shannon visited curators and artists during preview night of the idiosyncratic art fair in Times Square.


This Art Show Is Dedicated to Figuring Out What the Internet Looks Like

Enter a palace of post-internet art at Kunsthal Rotterdam.


This Giant Kaleidoscope​ Is Really a Rave Cave

'Light Origami', by artist Masakazu Shirane, is a walk-in dome that bends and weaves light.


A Virtual Rainstorm Fills the Houston Cistern

Multidirectional flashes of light flicker and dance across hundreds of columns inside the dark architectural void of the Houston Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park.


A Japanese Art Collective Had a Funeral for Liberty on the US–Mexico Border

Activist artists Chim↑Pom also built a lovely treehouse from which to view the gravesite.


This Canadian Conceptual Artist Is Subverting Ideas of Public Art

Vancouver-based Reece Terris has spent years upending what he sees as a capitalistic and media-driven culture.


Pops of Rainbow Color on Metal and Wood Sculptures Spin a Tale of Environmental Exploitation

Conceptual artist Arne Quinze interprets mankind’s ecological destruction.


'Spider Drone' Sculptures Marry Surveillance and 60s Sci-Fi

'Vision Instruments,' Björn Schülke’s ongoing show at bitforms gallery, uses seemingly futuristic technology to make ultimately purposeless sculptural objects.


Flowering Alien Bio-Sculptures Burst from Walls

Crystal Wagner's ‘Bioforms and Blooms’ experiments in 2D and 3D space.