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A Brief History of the Hun, the Most Relatable Woman in Britain

How the ladette birthed a new sub-set of woman, armed with memes, tropes and a gentle kiss at the end of every message.


Your Unborn Kids Are Going to Be Known as Generation Alpha

We hear from parents and marketers about the children of millennials, born from about 2011 and swiping touchscreens before they can read.


Inside the 15,000-Person Online Community Obsessed with Jell-O

“It’s just sort of amazing to see all the different ways people are using it—there’s people slapping and spanking gelatin and it’s wobbly.”


memes, meme makers, internet, internet culture, appropriated imagery

A Los Angeles gallery features the works of seven meme makers, patiently waiting to get their due as artists.


An Artist Draws The Entire Internet With Crowd-Sourced Input

Over 200 people contributed suggestions to "Internetopia," including animals doing funny stuff.


Weaving Sexts: Tapestry Artist Threads an Honest Portrait of Female Sexuality

The Creators Project talked to Erin M. Riley about how weaving erotic tapestries helped her learn to love her body.


Diving Deep Into the NSFW Side of LinkedIn

Ever since the "social network for professionals" changed the way its timeline works, people have started trying to go viral in the hope it'll get them a job.


I Asked Strangers on the Internet to Insult Me for a Laugh

A subreddit where people upload photos of themselves and ask Redditors to "roast" them went viral yesterday, so I thought I'd give it a go.


How Snapchat Desensitised Us to the Surreal

Excessive porn has desensitised us to graphic sex, and the 24-hour news cycles has numbed us to graphic trauma. But has internet culture, from face swaps to Pepe the Frog, made surrealism normal?


How to Make a Play About Technology as Human as Possible

'Darknet' opens this week at London's Southwark Playhouse. Playwright Rose Lewenstein and director Russell Bender discuss their creative process.


We Spoke to the People Who Run ClickHole – What Happened Next Will Shock You!

They said what?! Find out what the people behind ClickHole have to say.


We Spent the Day with Tuna the Dog to Understand the Cult of Insta-Famous Pets

Tuna has over a million followers, a book deal and a line of merchandise. Grumpy Cat has made her owner nearly £100 million. How do people end up monetising their pets, and what makes one dog more successful than another?