Looks Like LA Will Host the Olympics in 2028

If the city still exists.


How Gymnastics Is Trying To Take Over Parkour And Make It An Olympic Sport

This fight isn't merely about parkour. It's about who controls the new youth-centric sports that are the Olympics' future.


What Actually Happens When a Trans Athlete Transitions

Fears of trans women taking over women’s sports simply doesn’t match up with the reality of the effects that transitioning and hormone replacement therapy have on an athlete’s body.


Budapest 2024 Bid All But Dead After Anti-Olympics Petition Gets 226,000 Signatures

NOlimpia's campaign argued that the billions of dollars pledged in the bid for the Olympics ought to go to other needs such as healthcare, education, rural infrastructure, housing, and poverty.


Budapest's Bid to Host the Olympics Is Uniting the Rest of Hungary Against the Games

Budapest, one of three finalists to host the 2024 Summer Games, may be about to take themselves out of the running.


Muay Thai Is Granted Provisional Recognition as an Olympic Sport

The ultraviolent cornerstone of MMA inches toward international legitimacy, it seems.


Rome's Mayor Rejects "Irresponsible" 2024 Olympics Bid

Fucking hell, a politician has said something reasonable and correct. It wasn't in Britain, unfortunately.


How Olympic Skateboarding Almost Didn't Happen

Working with skateboarders at the Olympics was never a life goal for Gary Ream, but now the president of the International Skateboarding Federation is tasked with helping steward the sport's Olympic debut.


IOC President Won't Attend Any of the Paralympic Games

Thomas Bach has a pretty busy schedule and won't be able to make any of the Paralympics (which he's known about forever).


The Rio Games Were An Unjustifiable Human Disaster, And So Are The Olympics

Like the other Olympics before them, Rio 2016 proved that the IOC is blithely indifferent to the waste, corruption, and human wreckage the Games leave in their wake.


Banned Russian Pole Vaulter Elected as Member of International Olympic Committee

Russian pole-vaulting star Yelena Isinbayeva, banned from the Olympics in the wake of the Russian doping scandal, has just been elected to the IOC.


How the Olympics Are Saving Rio’s Cats and Dogs

Local animal control officials are receiving funds from the Rio Olympics to help capture and humanely take care of stray dogs and cats in the city.