The Stories You Lose When Your Refugee Family Splits Itself Up

After her entire family fled Iraq, my grandmother stayed behind because she didn't want to give up on the country she loves.
Sona Boker

Inside the Dangerous Life of a Female 'Fixer' in Iraq

"My mum, when she’s asking me when will I get married... I tell her, ‘Find me someone as strong as me and I will marry them, I promise.’”
Rebecca Gibian
The Middle East

Deafened by the War on ISIS

Thousands of Iraqis, collateral victims of the war on the terrorist group, have found themselves left with war deafness that goes untreated.
Sebastian Castelier
Azhar Al-Rubaie

The Drifting Competitions in the Former ISIS Stronghold of Mosul

ISIS banned the sport for three years, but now the city is liberated young people are using it to kick-start a cultural revolution.
Mustafa Sadoun

There Are People Who Think the West Invaded Iraq Over a Stargate

Let the record show that Richard Dean Anderson is the one true prophet and Stargate SG-1 is the new good book.
Mack Lamoureux
Inside Outsider

No-Go Zone: Life as a Freelance War Photographer

Australia's Luke Cody explains how he manages fear and stays alive.
Mahmood Fazal

What Life Was Like for Young Women Living Under ISIS

"My mum’s hair and skin was all over the wall. We’ve cleaned it off now, but when we come back here I remember what happened and I think of our family."
Harriet Hernando

An Acclaimed War Photographer Turns Her Lens on Canada’s Tree Planters

Rita Leistner’s latest exhibition captures the intensity of tree planting
VICE Staff

You Can Thank These People for Everything You Know About the Fight Against ISIS

Journalists might report from battle, but they often wouldn't be able to get there in the first place if it wasn't for these fixers.
Helen Nianias
Views My Own

Destroying ISIS Won't Save Iraq

Thanks to rampant ethnic factionalism and retaliatory violence, it's going to take a lot more than the Mosul offensive to change the toxic dynamic on the ground.
Sulome Anderson

War Under Trump Means More Troops, More Deaths and Less Caution

A military analyst explains the differences between Trump and Obama when it comes to conflict in the Middle East.
Eve Peyser
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Photographs of the Aftermath of the Iraqi Forces in Eastern Mosul

Over the past two years, ISIS has destroyed most of the bridges, but they remain the primary way to cross and transfer goods from a safe area to an occupied one.
Robin Hinsch