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Game of Thrones' Gwendoline Christie Becomes a 3D-Printed Mermaid

Brienne of Tarth in a giant cream dress, surrounded by enormous sculptures made of magnets, and more from Iris van Herpen's Paris Fashion Week show.


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Viral Style: Music Reactive Clothing, Surveillance Vests, And Magnetic Dresses

Scouring dashboards and the URL world to bring you a selection of fashion tidbits in digestible weekly portions.


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Scouring dashboards and the URL world to bring you a selection of fashion tidbits in digestible weekly portions.


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This video by N9 Productions gets you up close and personal with high fashion 3D prints showcased at Openhouse’s 3DEA pop up store.


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Or at least, that’s our prediction, if this crazy video for Voltage (directed by Geoffrey Lillemon and Joost Korngold) is any indication.


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The Dutch designer furthers her exploration of technological design.