ISIS and the Fish and Chip-Loving Jihadists

When captured British jihadists are asked what they miss most about home, they usually have the same answer.


Destroying ISIS Won't Save Iraq

Thanks to rampant ethnic factionalism and retaliatory violence, it's going to take a lot more than the Mosul offensive to change the toxic dynamic on the ground.


How the Mums of Extremists Are Uniting Against ISIS

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I Watched 21 Hours of Christmas Films While the West Collapsed

I submitted myself to the Sky channel that exclusively plays Christmas films as the world changed forever.


How a Terror Attack Can Destroy an Entire Tourist Industry

Since the Sousse attacks of 2015, Tunisia's deckchairs have been empty and its hotels abandoned.


Eyes On the Sky: Striving For Accountability In the War On Terror

AIRWARS is fighting to keep a tally of the civilian victims of the war being waged on the Islamic State from above.


How Football Survives on Islamic State’s Turf

Football is effectively banned in areas controlled by the Islamic State group. Nevertheless, the sport survives among defiant locals – and even some foreign jihadis.


Why Does Radical Islam Appeal to So Many Young Men?

After the San Bernardino shootings and the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, I asked some of my friends, who have dabbled in extremism, what the draw is for so many young muslims.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Apple promises its new iPhone will be harder to hack, France Demands $1.8 Billion from Google in taxes, and Amazon removes all hoverboards from its site.


Things We Should Have Been More Scared of in 2015

In case international terrorism and Donald Trump wasn't enough.


Chris Mullin, Ex-MP, Voted Against Iraq. This Is Why He'd Vote No On Syria

"Surely we have learned by now from our experience in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya that, when you take the lid off one of these regimes you unleash the fires of hell."