Is University Still Worth It?


The Freshers Already Thinking About Dropping Out of Uni

It's been less than a month since freshers week, but some students already think they've made a mistake.
Lily Carr-Gomm
Is University Still Worth It?

Why British Universities Are Being Run Like Cartels

With fees soaring and salaries for top level management reaching £500,000, we look at how this can be allowed to continue.
Tess Reidy
Is University Still Worth It?

How to Study for Knowledge When the World Wants You to Study for Money

Some tips from an academic on how to pursue knowledge when your university wants you to chase a job.
Matt Cole
Is University Still Worth It?

Here's Our Advice Now You're About to Start University

The absolute definitive guide on how to have a smashing time in your first term.
VICE Staff
Is University Still Worth It?

I've Been a Lecturer for a Decade and This Is What I Really Think About University

"The massive increase in fees has woken students up to the fact that universities are taking the piss."
Is University Still Worth It?

VICE's Most Evil British University Awards 2016

Sexual assault, celebrating racist historical figures and threatening students: we congratulate the British unis going that extra mile.
Hannah Ewens
Is University Still Worth It?

How Do People Who Didn't Go to University Feel About it Now?

We spoke to people who went down four different paths – from apprenticeships to the army – to find out how things worked out for them.
Tess Reidy
Is University Still Worth It?

Is There Any Way to Not Be Poor When You're a Student?

Apparently there's loads of free money knocking about if you know how to google it.
Rebecca Ratcliffe

We Asked People On The Street to Try and Describe Their Dissertations

"Uh, I don't know the exact title because it had loads of words in it, but it was... actually I've really forgotten it."
Yasmin Jeffery
Is University Still Worth It?

Here’s Everyone You’re Going to Have Sex with at University

Tick them off like a bingo card, if you like. I mean, it doesn't matter: you're still going to end up fucking them.
Emma Garland and Joel Golby
Is University Still Worth It?

How Big Money Turned British Universities Into Global Brands

You can now study at the University of Nottingham while basking in the Malaysian sun.
Mark Wilding
VICE UK Podcast

The VICE UK Podcast: Students

Richard Seymour discusses the future of higher education, while international students talk about what they make of British student culture.
VICE Staff