As a Jewdas Member – Thank You, Guido Fawkes

It's been bizarre to see our welcoming, inclusive group accused of antisemitism, but encouraging that more people than ever are defending and thanking us on social media.
Hannah Gold
Home Coming

Home Coming: Islington

In my hometown, I saw things you wouldn't believe, like the boy who lived in a gated community talking about a man who died on his "estate".
Oscar Rickett

Cooking Italian Bubble and Squeak in a Former Sandwich Shop

The small plates found on every self-respecting London menu stem from the guy now creating European-inspired dishes in this sandwich-shop-turned-restaurant.
Suze Olbrich

What It’s Like to Quit Your Indie Band and Become a Restaurateur

Having fronted Hope of the States (a mid-noughties band that disbanded after two albums) and lost “a lot of money for a lot of people,” Sam Herlihy has opened a restaurant in London.
Tom Jenkins

You Don’t Have to Be Drunk to Eat These Kebabs

With the help of Tartine Bakery’s flatbread recipe and a spice mix from Mission Chinese, St. John alumnus Lee Tiernan’s new London restaurant is reimagining the Turkish staple (and guilty drunk food.)
Michael Segalov
my first club

Wookie's First Club: Youth Centres, New Shoes and Nu Shooz

Join the UK Garage main man as he 2-steps down memory lane and tries to avoid annoying his mum.
Wookie .
london rental opportunity of the week

London Rental Opportunity of the Week: A Chandelier Hung Inside a Turd

Why would anyone pay £780 a month to live like this?
Joel Golby

Meeting London's Lollipop Men and Women Before They All Disappear

Government cuts have forced councils to axe a load of lollipop jobs, so we had a walk around and asked some of the hi-vis men and women what they think about it.
George Nelson

I Went to the Closing Night at London's Last Porn Cinema

So long and thanks for all the wanks, Mr B's.
John Lucas