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Woman Says Flight Crew Made 'Jokes' After a Man Masturbated Next to Her

She even caught the guy on video.


Confessions of Workplace Masturbators

It turns out 40 percent of New Yorkers masturbate at their jobs, so we found out just how they did it.


Getting Paid to Jerk Off Isn’t All It's Cracked Up to Be

Sperm donation is an easy way to make money, but it'll make you feel judged, ruin your sex life and haunt you with the idea that you could have genetic offspring out there somewhere.


Jack White Defends TIDAL: “Vinyl in the Bedroom, Baby”

White answered some very hard-hitting questions from fans. Things got TENSE.


The Dangers of Masturbation

In extreme cases, self-pleasuring can actually fracture your dick and rupture your arteries. Be careful out there.


People Looked at a Lot of Porn During the Northeast's Short-Lived Snowmageddon

To the surprise of no one, Pornhub's traffic spiked as snowbound Northeasterners spent Tuesday getting frisky with themselves.


Meet the Working Mothers of Porn

Two mums who work as adult actresses describe the struggle of balancing porn and family, why they entered the industry in the first place, and how they feel about being "cool mums."


What Kinds of Porn Do People Watch on Christmas?

According to Pornhub's data department, there's a big spike in searches for "naughty Santa's helper" and "Merry Christmas" during this time of year.


The Perils of Jerking Off in the Dial-Up Era

Just hearing the dial-Up tone used to give me an erection.


Sugar Cum Is a Sexual Supplement That Makes Guys' Semen Taste Sweet

The sexual supplement makes “funky tasting junk” taste sweet.


Porn Stars Created the #PayForYourPorn Campaign to Convince People to Stop Using Tube Sites

Jessica Drake and other porn stars have teamed up with piracy experts.