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Why You'll Never Change Anyone's Mind About Politics

Science has now all but proven that facts cannot sway political opinion. But what can?


Eight Billionaires Are Richer Than Half of the World’s Population

Their total net worth? A mere $426 billion.


No, Weed Doesn't Make You a Better Driver

"If you go back 40 to 50 years, people thought, I'm only going to have a drink or two because it relaxes me, so I'm a safer driver, a calmer driver."


This Public School Board Wants to Ban Teachers from Posting Beach Photos

The board describes "scantily clad" photos as being unacceptable, so we're assuming dick pics are out of the question.


How One Academic's View on Gender Pronouns Sparked a Citywide Debate

In short: his perspective caused a bit of a shitshow.


We Asked Drug Dealers About the Times They Almost Got Caught

"The moment you ask if it's really worth it is somewhere after getting away and realising what could have happened."


​How to Spot and Deal with an Adult Bully

If Donald Trump is the poster boy for adult bullies, how do we stop the ones in our everyday lives?


Everything You’ll See and Hear as a Club Photographer

No, you can't pay me in coke and yes, I'm technically working.


​Nero, Nazis, and the New Far Right: The Phenomena of the Professional Troll

Call it the Donald Trump effect. It doesn't matter if the trolls believe what they are saying if their followers believe it.


This Stoned Dude Snapchatted for 24 Hours Straight

An idea that was birthed in pot smoke and ended in a baptism of sewage water. Solid Saturday.


We Asked Frat Bros About the Study That Says They Can’t Stop Drinking

This makes keggers a little more depressing.


College Students Tell Us What Their Dorm Sex Lives Are Like

Thin walls, rumors, shitty roommates, and the ability of a nasty STI to wipe out an entire floor all make quick dorm hookups a bit of a minefield.