Jake Tucker


It’s Not You, ‘Dota’, It’s Me: Why I’ve Finally Quit My MOBA Habit

We had our good times, Troll Warlords and all, but you were turning me into a toxic monster.


The Rise and Fall of Competitive ‘Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’

As 'Modern Warfare Remastered' approaches, we look back on how the game's original release both benefitted eSports but failed to capitalise on its boom.


If I Could Talk to the Planets: On the Inviting Loneliness of ‘No Man’s Sky’

This other life forms in this game don't give a shit about you, so you might as well find your fun on the worlds instead.


It’s Time to Accept that ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Is the Best Multiplayer Shooter, Ever

IMO, obviously – but then again, everyone else I've introduced to Ubisoft's shooter has fallen for it, too.


Here’s What You’re Getting Wrong About People With Asperger's

'All people with Asperger's are socially impaired, reclusive, obsessive and really fucking good at maths, right?'


My Struggle to Survive at the Cannibal Frontier of ‘The Forest’

The mutants-filled survival sim was rusty on release, but in 2016 it's one of the best multiplayer horror games around.


Why the Multiplayer Free-Roaming of ‘Red Dead Redemption’ Is the Best in the Business

With Rockstar's Western now compatible with the Xbox One, there's never been a better time to get into its brutal, beautiful, bear-filled online mode.


Things That Make You Go Boom: Video Gaming's Greatest Guns

Made possible by Bethesda: From DOOM's shotgun to more creative killing machines in Turok 2 and Unreal Tournament, here's gaming's most badass arsenal.


It Turns Out That Video Games Can Make Great Board Games, Too

Gears of War, in tabletop form: sounds awful on paper, but it plays like a dream. Who'd have thought it?


A Love Letter to the Best Part of ‘The Division’, the Awesomely Intense Dark Zone

The main game in Ubisoft's MMO shooter is gorgeous but flawed. Step inside its gritty PVP area, though, and shit gets real.


The New ‘Hitman’ Game May Prove to Be the Pinnacle of the Series

It's more like 'Blood Money' than 'Absolution', which is basically all you need to know, right?


I Entered Global Game Jam Having Never Made a Game Before, and Didn’t Totally Blow It

I don't make video games – I play them. And yet at the end of January I found myself successfully creating an original game from scratch in just 48 hours.