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That Time Jamie Lee Curtis Dressed as Vega, and Other EVO 2015 Stories

The world's biggest fighting bash is over – here are just a couple of highlights.


I Spent 20 Hours Inside a Walmart

In a quest to learn about America, I wandered the aisles of its most famous retail establishment for nearly an entire day and night. Here is what I saw.


Cry-Baby of the Week: A Cop Was Ordered to Get Counseling After Posing for a Photo with Snoop Dogg

Also this week: A gas station attendant was fired for cleaning a woman's mirror with a plastic toy of a peeing child.


I Took a Tour of Scientology's Los Angeles (and It Was Pretty Creepy)

At one of the places I visited the cashier called me by my first name, despite the fact I had never met her in my entire life.


Cry-Baby of the Week: A Politician Threatened to Sue a Newspaper for Printing His Name

Also this week: A guy is suing the City of New York because he fell off his bike.


Cry-Baby of the Week: A Guy Threw a Snake at a Restaurant Worker in a Dispute Over Onions

Also this week: A guy allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend's pet rabbit because she asked him to move out of their apartment.


Photos of Christmas Decorations in Depressing Places

Whether it's at the DMV, a cemetery or a building where children go to be treated for cancer, everyone seems keen to spread a little festive cheer.


Watch Actually Huizenga Dance on the Beach with Mice in 'Predator Romantic'

When singer Actually Huizenga sent us her latest mu​sic video, we knew it would include something weird, but nothing prepared us for this mix of aerobics, water, and mice.


Cry-Baby of the Week: A Woman Drove Her Car Into a Couple Because They Took Her Parking Spot

This week: A woman hit a couple with her PT Cruiser in a Walmart car park because they stole her spot and a 90-year-old man was arrested for feeding the homeless.


Cry-Baby of the Week

This week: A man allegedly shot someone because a dog pooped in his yard.


Cry-Baby of the Week: Some Guys Allegedly Shot a Woman Because They Lost at Beer Pong

Also this week: A Muslim woman was ejected from the opera because she refused to remove her veil.


Cry-Baby of the Week

Someone shot up a McDonald's because employees forgot the ketchup.