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One of the 'Manson Girls' Just Got Approved for Parole

Leslie Van Houten, 68, has been OK'd for parole, but the final decision on her release comes down to California governor Jerry Brown.


'Skinny' Health Insurance Plans in the US Let Employers Offer Shoddy Healthcare to Their Workers

Obamacare loopholes are making it easy for big corporations to continue screwing their employees when it comes to basic medical care.


The ACLU Is Fighting to Keep Revenge Porn Safe and Legal for Pervs

Your vagina has less of a right to privacy than your credit card numbers or medical records. That's objectively fucked-up.


California Lawmakers Want to Limit Police Drones, but Activists Want Them Banned

California lawmakers just passed new limits on how police can use drones, but some argue that only legitimises their use and that police shouldn't have them at all.


American Liberals Won’t Let the Death Penalty Die

It might take a Conservative to end capital punishment.


Just Close Down California's Prisons Already

Reason no. 243 why the system ain't fair.


America's Water Crisis

Welcome to California, ground zero of America’s water crisis.