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These White People Profited Off Their Neighbour's Murder

After setting up a robbery that got a black woman wrongly imprisoned for murder, this duo opened their "Goat Castle" up to tourists in Jim Crow Mississippi.


‘Black Panther’ Is Going to Be an Important Movie

Because black people have never seen anything like it before.


Travel Has Always Been Deadly for People of Color

The United incident was not fatal, but it harkened to a dark American tradition.


The Horrifying True Story of the Black Brothers Forced to Become Circus Freaks

In the book 'Truevine', journalist Beth Macy details their mother's three-decade quest to get her boys back.


The Luxury Brooklyn Apartment Complex at the Site of a Former Prison

A small group of Crown Heights community members are trying to halt a new construction project, arguing that it sits on hallowed grounds that reflect the neighbourhood's history of racism.


Why Do Black Churches Keep Burning Down in America's South?

A series of fires at predominantly black churches since the horrific shooting in Charleston, South Carolina – including two blazes in the same state – have raised the spectre of copycat racial violence.


Fifty Years After Selma, Civil Rights in Alabama Are Still in Rough Shape

You'd think that by now Alabama would be tired of being the state where marginalised Americans have to demand their dignity the loudest.


Racists Are Pissed Off About the Trailer for the New Will Smith Movie

The movie's "race mixing" has provoked some of the most vile, old-fashioned racism you'll encounter this week.


The Plantation Is Still Here: Inside M. Lamar’s 'Negrogothic, A Manifesto'

A conversation with the artist about sexuality, racism, history and the policing of black men's bodies.


Too Fat to Vote

Will US media and the Supreme Court destroy the Voting Rights Act?