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Analysing The Smoking Habits of Footballers and Iconic Managers

While medical science has come to the consensus that tobacco and rigorous exercise don’t mix, there are still many icons of football who enjoy a crafty smoke. Here, we look to their smoking habits and what they may or may not signify.


Total Footballer, Total Rebel: Johan Cruyff and The Resurgence of Catalonian Pride

Several months on from the passing of one of the game's greatest icons, Shirsho Dasgupta examines how Johan Cruyff's upbringing in sixties Amsterdam prepared him for hero status among the Catalan people.


Double Disaster in El Clasico: The Mutual Humiliation of Barca and Real

In the mid-nineties, Barcelona and Real Madrid embarrassed each other in El Clasico with uncanny symmetry. It was a reminder that even the loftiest champions must learn the value of a humbling defeat.


Game Changers: Antonin Panenka and Czechoslovakia at Euro ‘76

Czechoslovakia won Euro ‘76 as huge underdogs, defying both the West and the Soviet Union in the process. Meanwhile, with the last kick of the tournament, Antonin Panenka made history.


Johan Cruyff's Complicated Legacy

Johan Cryuff died at age 68 on Thursday after a long bout with lung cancer. Cruff was one of soccer's greatest innovators, but also one of the sports' biggest antagonizers.


Johan Cruyff dies age 68, five months after cancer diagnosis

An icon with both Ajax and Barcelona, Cruyff was the posterboy of the ‘Total Football’ generation and widely considered to be one of the greatest players of all time