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Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ ‘Halloween’ Theme Cover Is Creepy As Hell

Thank you, spooky dudes, for this Friday the 13th gift.
Lauren O'Neill
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John Carpenter Is Releasing an Album That Remakes His Classic Film Scores

Listen to a reimagined version of "In the Mouth of Madness" from 'Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998.'
Phil Witmer
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The Weeknd's Mysterious Producer Prince 85 Made Us a Mix of French Electro and Hip-Hop

The Parisian beatmaker cooks up 46 minutes of trap bruisers, 90s big beat, and sinister synth instrumentals.
Max Mertens
Festivals 2017

:::Extremely Seinfeld Voice::: What's the Deal with Composers at Music Festivals?

From Hans Zimmer at Coachella to John Carpenter at Primavera Sound, mainstream music festivals are turning composers into rock stars. We spoke with Carpenter and others about the strange new booking trend, and why it's more than just a novelty grab.
Katie Bain
Objectively Correct Lists

Haunted House of Balloons: Analyzing the Weeknd's Horror Obsession Through His Videos

Suspiria, The Shining, Jeepers Creepers, oh my!
John Semley
Noisey News

John Carpenter Gets Knives Out for Rob Zombie, Calls Him a "Piece of Shit”

He's not a fan of Zombie's 'Halloween' remakes either.
Noisey Staff

We Made an Alternative 'Stranger Things' Soundtrack Full of Synth-Heavy, Supernatural Selections

Can't live without your new favourite TV show? Here are some inspired choices to take you back to 1980s Indiana.
James Darton

Synthwave Overlord Perturbator Is the Real Neon Icon

Welcome to the retro future.
Jeff Treppel

Meet Alan Howarth, the Composer Who Invented What Halloween Sounds Like

We spoke to the man who's been giving you nightmares since 1981.
Sean McTiernan

John Carpenter's New Music Video Takes You On A Virtual Reality Highway

It's like 'Escape from New York,' but with a modern VR update, in Gavin Hignight and Ben Verulst's video for "Night."
Beckett Mufson

Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury's New Film Score Will Make You Feel Compassion for Robots

We spoke to the duo behind the soundtrack of Ex Machina, a film that tackles AI in a whole new way.
Joe Zadeh

The 'Halloween' Franchise Is Getting Resurrected Yet Again

John Carpenter's 1978 original is a horror classic, but the sequels and remakes that followed have been mostly unwatchable. So why is it coming back?
Giaco Furino