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Why Is the US Supporting the Brutal, Deadly Assault on Drug Users in the Philippines?

Hundreds of people have been shot dead in the street under the mere suspicion of using drugs. And for some reason, the US is sending more money to the government for law enforcement.


Boris Johnson Can't Escape the Clown Suit Straitjacket He Made for Himself

Twelve days of wall-to-wall BoJo coverage has been exhausting. Imagine being Boris.


The Canadian Government Won't Help Journalist Mohamed Fahmy Get Out of Egyptian Jail

A Canadian journalist imprisoned in Egypt has called out the Canadian Prime Minister after a visit by Foreign Minister John Baird failed to end his more than year-long nightmare.


Can We Stop Rape Being Used As a Weapon of War?

I spoke to a rape survivor working towards that goal at last week's Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict summit.


Is America Ready to Finally Elect Presidents by Popular Vote?

The electoral college is a centuries-old goof that refuses to die.


One Night at a Palestinian Land Reclamation Party

I met the protesters reviving a Palestinian village in the Israeli occupied Jordan Valley.


The Syrian Peace Talks in Montreux Look Like One Big Tragic Farce

The "Geneva II" conference hasn't got off to the most encouraging of starts.


The Hangover News

Nothing much happened about intervention in Syria, but you were probably too drunk to notice.


The Hangover News

The UK is the addiction capital of Europe, but you've probably been too wasted to notice.


The Hangover News

UN inspectors were shot at in Syria, but you've probably been too drunk to notice.


According to Ordinary Citizens, the Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Are 'Boring' and Futile

I asked people from both sides and they both came to the same, depressing conclusion.