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I'm Sorry, But John Waters’ ‘Cry-Baby’ Shits On All Other Musicals

Iggy Pop! Traci Lords! Ricki Lake! Name me a more iconic collection of names! I’ll wait!


John Waters Is the Filthy Uncle of Punk

The Pope of Trash talks Trump, PC culture, and the meaning of punk ahead of hosting Burger Boogaloo's punk rock extravaganza.


Being an Outsider Isn't Cool Any More, John Waters Says So

The filmmaker has a message for the would-be John Waterses of the world: Assimilation is the new transgression.


Partying with John Waters in 1970s Provincetown

This is the story of the summer photographer Nan Goldin and writer/actress Cookie Mueller spent with eccentrics like Philippe Marcade and John Waters.


John Waters Remembers 'Multiple Maniacs,' His LSD-Fueled Cavalcade of Perversion

A restored version of the film—which features puke-eating, lobster sex, a rosary dildo, loads of drugs, and an unforgettable performance by Divine—is out today.


Horror Stories of Watching Extremely NSFW Movies with Your Parents

Does it get worse than watching 'Pink Flamingos' with your grandma? Actually, it does.


Here's a Rewind to East Coast Graffiti’s Halcyon Days

John Waters narrates a new documentary about the early East Coast writers that invented what became what we know as modern street art.


[Exclusive] John Waters on the Audacity of Cy Twombly

We’re premiering Sotheby’s video interview of John Waters, which finds the cult legend talking about the work of transgressive contemporary artist Cy Twombly.


A Brief History of Actual Sex in Movies

From pud-pulling in a French prison to mother-son BJs in suburban Maryland, here's an overview of unsimulated sex acts on the silver screen.


Despite being founded by two kids with artistic families, 'ALL-IN' isn't just a vanity project.

Despite being founded by two kids with artistic families, ALL-IN isn't just a vanity project. The first issue features Willem Dafoe, John Waters, Chris Kraus, and is definitely worth spending a week's worth of lunch money on.


John Waters Discusses the Rubbish Cinema That Changed His Life

Ahead of his new retrospective at the BFI, we talked to the godfather of trash about Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor and the worst movies known to man.


We Talked to John Waters About Facelifts, 'Kiddie Flamingos,' and His New Art Show

The legendary director opens up about 'Beverly Hills John,' his new art show in NYC.