Juan Atkins

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Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald Team Up for Luxuriant New Track

Hear the techno pioneers' latest Borderland single "Concave 1."
Alexander Iadarola
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Stream Juan Atkins and Orlando Voorn's New Collaborative Album

'Mind Merge' injects familiar club forms with intriguing sonic malfunctions.
Alexander Iadarola

Carl Craig Took Me on a Tour of Detroit’s Most Sacred Techno Landmarks

From Juan Atkin's record label Metroplex to the streets where 80s tailgating parties took place, this is the side of the city that most tourists don't get to see.
Michelle Lhooq

Omar S' Sister Directed a Play About the Secret History of Detroit Techno

Produced by Omar's FXHE Records, 'Stories of Detroit Techno' reveals techno's origins beyond the Belleville Three
Michelle Lhooq
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25 Years On, Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald Are Still Exploring the Borderland of Techno

Listen to the premiere of "Zeolites" ahead of the release of the 'Transport' album on April 29.
Jesse Weiss
Juan Atkins

A Gorgeous Photography Book of Detroit's Techno and House Artists Is Being Published

'313ONELOVE' will be published on March 31.
Michael Scott Barron

Detroit's Legacy Runs Deep in Stacey Pullen, But It Doesn't Limit Him

Past, present, and future—we leave no stone unturned with the Kosmik Messenger of Detroit techno.
Christopher Metler
Festival Season!

What Does Techno Actually Mean to DJs and Producers?

We asked the who's who of techno to define the genre that has defined their careers and lives.
Frankie Francisco

What Needs to Go in the Museum of Techno?

You could be at one with the history of techno. And get a nice rubber, too.
Josh Baines & Angus Harrison

The Founders of Detroit Techno Are Coming to East London

We're giving away tickets to go see Messrs Saunderson, Atkins and May.
Barry Olafs