The Genius of Roger Moore's On-Screen Combat Scenes

From The Saint to the James Bond franchise, the late Sir Roger Moore knew how to make the best of his moderate martial arts abilities. He also wrote extensively about self-defence for a children's book in 1966.
Sarah Kurchak

The Boxing Career Of Nazi Defector and Waffen-SS Recruit Eric Pleasants

Though Eric Pleasants was seemingly an unlikely recruit to the fascist British Free Corps, he nonetheless served under the banner of Hitler’s political crack troops. He also boxed for them, using his expertise from back home.
Will Magee
Old and Bold

Old and Bold Episode Two – Kathy Ling: Marathon Runner

In episode two of Old & Bold we meet retiree marathon runner Kathy Ling.
VICE Staff

Judo Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison Is Ambivalent About a Future in MMA (and We Don't Blame Her)

While the rest of the world wants her to be the next Ronda Rousey, she's still pretty busy being the first Kayla Harrison.
Sarah Kurchak

Olympic Judo Celebrates Humanity at Its Best (and Worst)

From robbery and flagrant displays of disrespect to the the most powerful redemption stories, the 2016 edition of the Olympic judo competition was a microcosm of our world at its best and its worst.
Sarah Kurchak
Rio 2016

Will Anybody Cheer for the Refugee Athletes at the Olympics?

This year, 10 athletes have competed in the Rio Olympics as part of a special refugee team. Before the Games, some of them wondered whether anyone would cheer them on.
Aimee Berg

The Subtle Art of Judo Refereeing

An inside look at what it takes to be a judo referee and how the art of judo influences that role.
Nick Wong

The Martial Arts-Fueled Bromance Between Steven Seagal and Vladimir Putin

In 2003, action star Steven Seagal bonded with Russian President Vladimir Putin over a statue of Kanō Jigorō. Ten years later, Putin tried to convince Obama to make Seagal an honorary ambassador of sorts between their two nations.
Sarah Kurchak