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Chile's New Food Labeling Laws Have Created Creepy, Faceless Chocolate Santas

Mr. Claus is the latest fictional character banned from appearing on sweets in the country as the government attempts to curb obesity.


Florida Man Kills Alpaca With Lethal Dose of Doritos, Cheese Nips

"[T]he little guy didn't know any better and he overindulged.”


London Mayor to Ban Junk Food Advertising on Tubes and Buses

If Sadiq Khan’s proposal passes consultation, adverts promoting high fat, salt, or sugar foods will no longer be allowed on public transport.


We Asked Personal Trainers the Worst Thing They’ve Seen at the Gym

Pizza on the treadmill ain’t a good look.


The Problems with the UK's New 'Big Vegan' Industry

Major brands are finally trying to bring veganism to the masses, but they're doing it all wrong.


Study Claims Women with Unattractive Boyfriends Eat More Junk Food

According to research from Florida State University, women who are deemed better looking than their partners are not motivated to eat healthily. Right ...


What Happened When I Went ‘Behind the Scenes’ at KFC

The fast food chain recently launched an “Open Kitchen” night at 100 of its UK branches. As someone who believes in the welfare of farm animals and casual workers, I was keen to go along.


Nando’s Is the Best Restaurant in the World

The fluffy chips dusted with own brand salt, the wet chicken slathered in your choice of sauce, the unlimited drink refills — it’s the stuff of dreams.


McDonald’s Has Ended Its 41-Year Sponsorship of the Olympics

After the Winter Olympics in South Korea next year, the Golden Arches will no longer feed spectators and athletes at the Games.


What Your Post-Club McDonald's Order Says About Your Taste in Music

Who knew you could tell so much about a person based on what they slur in a cashier's face at 3AM?


This Vending Machine Tricks You into Choosing Healthy Snacks

Preventative medicine experts at Chicago's Rush University Medical Centre say that their customised machine can steer you away form the Snickers.