Football, Floodlights and Threats From the Taliban: Life In The Afghan Premier League

Now in its fifth season, the Afghan Premier League is a force for good in a divided country. In the cities and provinces of Afghanistan, however, football is a dangerous game.


Kabul's Female Graffiti Master | TCP Meets Shamsia Hassani

Shamsia Hassani brings art to the streets of Kabul.


Kabul’s Female Graffiti Master on the Power of Art

Shamsia Hassani breaks rules and spray paints buildings in her quest to bring art to Kabul.


Shots At the Bar: Running a Nightclub in a Warzone

There weren't any good places to go out in Kabul, so Marc Victor set one up.


The Hangover News

This weekend, Jeremy Corbyn said he'd renationalise former public industries, and it was reported that ISIS are plotting to blow up the Queen.


The Mythical Beauty of Afghanistan is Invisible to the Military

Among the war machines at the world's largest airbase, photographer Edmund Clark realised that the only Afghanistan workers really see is the one depicted in paintings by local artists hanging on the walls of its mess halls.


Skateboarding Makes Afghan Girls Feel Free

In Afghanistan, the Skateistan school uses skateboarding as a tool for empowerment in a country worn by 30 years of conflict.


Rebels, Feasts, and Life in Slow Motion: Latest on VICE

Rebels in the Central African Republic, lamb feasts in New Brunswick, MMA in Kabul and life in slow motion – the latest from VICE.


The Afghanistan You Never See

Local journalist Bilal Sarway takes picturesque photos of the country's landscapes.


The Hangover News

This weekend, a man lifted 80kg of bricks with his testicles and swung the weight back and forth 320 times.


A Suicide Bomber Tried to Kill the Head of Afghanistan's High Peace Council

VICE News was the only news crew allowed through the police line to witness the aftermath.


Inside the Crumbling Walls of Kabul's Abandoned Palace

And horsing around with the Afghan National Army.