How 'Queer Eye' Helped Jess Guilbeaux Find Her Voice in Conservative America

We talked to the show's first Black lesbian star about regaining her confidence and using her platform to help others like her.
Taylor Hosking
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Rich Williams Rates All 14 Kansas Albums

In advance of their new album, 'The Prelude Implicit,' we had the band's guitarist look back through over 30 years of recordings.
Annalise Domenighini

A Heart to Heart with Your Friend

Kansas musician Taryn Miller talks about where she finds confidence, getting scared by Led Zeppelin, and being the only girl on an all-guy tour.

This Welsh Seaside Restaurant Is Trying to Make Better Barbecue Than Texas

Four years ago, Shauna Guinn and Samantha Evans embarked on a barbecuing odyssey around America. After mastering the meat techniques of Nashville, Kansas, and of course Austin, they opened Hang Fire Southern Kitchen in Barry.
Laura Martin

The 'Doctor' Who Implanted Goat Balls on Men and Tried to Become Governor of Kansas

Penny Lane’s Sundance standout 'NUTS!' is a formally inventive documentary that pieces together the outrageous story of huckster surgeon John Romulus Brinkley.
Brandon Harris

Looking Down at Geometric Cow Farms in Kansas

Bernhard Lang's aerial photos reveal the rural beauty of the Midwest from above.
Annie Armstrong
cliff alexander

Is Cliff Alexander The Greatest Undrafted Talent Ever?

No one-and-one has ever fallen farther than Alexander did on Thursday.
Mike Piellucci
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Watch Swag Toof's New Video for "Mask On"

Swag Toof are two rapper dudes, one from Kansas and one from Las Vegas, who've come to NYC to get real weird. This means selling an EP for $100, which comes with a letter signed in blood.
Charlie Ambler

People Are Leaving Westboro Baptist Church for the Big Gay House Across the Road

We talked to one of Fred Phelp's granddaughters about why she gave up the gay-hating Kansas church to join the rainbow-painted "Planting Peace" community that sits directly opposite.
Daisy Jones

New Kansas Law Would Make It a Crime to Teach Sex Ed, Classical Art and Shakespeare

The Republican-controlled state House of Representatives will take up a bill that would put teachers in jail for showing kids "harmful material" in class.
Allie Conti
The Outta My Way, I’m Walking Here Issue

On the Road with the 'Workampers,' Amazon’s Retirement-Age Mobile Workforce

These workers travel North America, sightseeing and staying overnight in RV parks while labouring in low-wage temp jobs.
Spencer Woodman

Cry-Baby of the Week

This week: A woman set fire to her apartment because there was a spider in it and a guy was fired for giving a free muffin to a homeless man.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete