Kate Nash

First Dates

I Took Kate Nash to an East End Pool Club on a First Date

And we mainly spoke about mushrooms, the internet and astrology.
Daisy Jones
Important Questions Raised By...

Kate Nash Fans, What’s More Dead: Indie or Your Last Relationship?

It's been ten years since 'Made of Bricks' but it's been a minute since you ugly cried down your ex's voicemail.
Alexandra Pollard
Remembering Things

Kate Nash Legit Wrote the Most Relatable Ode to Shitty Relationships

I mean "Foundations" – more casually known as the song in which she rhymes "bittah" with "fittah".
Daisy Jones
women's march

How the Women's March in Washington Changed Kate Nash's Life

The London-born, LA-based singer—travelled to Washington to march and this is her experience.
Kate Nash
Back Then with Ben Rayner

Looking Back at a Legendary UK Warehouse Party

Photographer Ben Rayner digs up his pictures from December 2006, including snaps from the first-ever Real Gold party, as well as pics from one of the Klaxons' first major gigs.
Ben Rayner
An Open Letter to

Kate Nash Shares an Open Letter to Obama About the Dakota Pipeline Signed by 290 Plus Musicians

Billie Joe Armstrong, Sia, Alicia Keys, Karen O, Maroon 5, and many more have signed to voice their concern about the increasingly dire situation in North Dakota.
Kate Nash

Cracked Foundations: What Happened to Kate Nash?

"I was surrounded by men that made a shit load of money from me. Nobody nurtured me, nobody gave a fuck about this young girl."
Tom Rasmussen

Kate Nash Is Back, Back, Back! Here's Her Video for "Good Summer"

It's an upbeat ode to the (often wet) wonder of an English summer, plus we talk to Kate about her forthcoming fifth LP, which is coming… but not necessarily the traditional way.
Kim Taylor Bennett
International Women's Day 2016

The Story of Dohrn, or How Kate Nash Got Into Death Metal

Alicia Warrington has played with everyone from Kelly Osbourne to Miley Cyrus to Selena Gomez. Stream her crushing new track "Levels of Hate" from her new death metal project, Dohrn.
Kim Kelly