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Kele Okereke's 'Brexit Musical' Isn't as Political as You Might Think

Instead, it makes a return to two themes which have defined Okereke’s career, both in Bloc Party and as a solo artist: intimacy and anxiety.
James Greig
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Kesha, Bob Dylan, and More Challenge Pop's Heteronormativity on a New EP

'Universal Love' is a collection of gender-flipped tracks which push past pop's usual gender conventions.
Lauren O'Neill

The Open-Hearted Evolution of Kele Okereke

If Bloc Party's 'Silent Alarm' soundtracked the house party, his latest solo album 'Fatherland' soundtracks the dinner party ten years later.
Daisy Jones
Longreads Or Whatever

Around the World in 12 Years with Bloc Party

We join Bloc Party on a beach in Bali, where things get pretty personal pretty fast.
Kim Taylor Bennett

PREMIERE: Stream Bloc Party's First Album In Four Years - 'HYMNS'

Kele Okereke and Russell Lissack return reinvigorated, with two new members and a record that's starkly emotional, yet celebratory too.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Kele Okereke: "This is a new territory for me, singing about desire"

We talked to the Bloc Party frontman from bed about his most personal album to date.
Emma-Lee Moss

Bloc Party's Kele Okereke On Being Gay and Black in the Dance and Rock Worlds

“I longed for the danger and the thrill I felt as a teenager when I first started going to raves." The Bloc Party frontman reflects on the vastly different receptions of his race and sexuality in the indie rock and dance music communities.
Kele Okereke
Thinkpieces And Shit

Is Black British Music Being Erased? No, it's Just Evolving

BBC Radio 1Xtra's music manager Austin Daboh responds to Kele Okereke's comment that "black british music identity is being erased by cultureless dance music".
Austin Daboh
Thinkpieces And Shit

Black British Musical Identity is Being Erased by Cultureless Dance Music

Out with the bashment and in with the Calvin Harris.

Screw You All, I'm Still Rooting for Azealia Banks

Azealia's "Broke With Expensive Taste" is finally out!
Kele Okereke