Kevin Smith


MTV Awkwardly Ripped Off 'Hot Ones', and Host Sean Evans Noticed

Oddly enough, Jay and Silent Bob also launched a 'Hot Ones' parody this week.


My Incredible, Agonising Quest to Find the Worst Movie on Netflix

It's easy to find bad movies on Netflix, but truly, exquisitely terrible films are trickier.


'Rick and Morty' Creator Says Season Four Delay Is Due to 'Complicated' Negotiations

Dan Harmon clarified his statements on the Adult Swim show over the weekend.


Kevin Smith Will Keep Making Movies Whether You Like It or Not

"I have experience with making something that the world doesn't fucking dig."


[Exclusive] Kevin Smith’s Top 5 Comics He’d Like to See Turned into Blockbusters

On National Comic Book Day, the creator of 'Clerks' and 'Mallrats' tells us about the comics that deserve to be made as big and expensive as possible.


A Documentary on the Aborted Nicolas Cage/Tim Burton Superman Movie Is Coming Soon

Jon Schnepp wanted to find out the real story behind the failed Tim Burton movie, so he made a documentary about it.


Kevin Smith Is Adapting a Gumtree Ad Into a Movie

And more film stuff from the Grolsch Film Works blog.


Kevin Smith Rants And Raves About Creators And Critics At Comic-Con

Kevin Smith is at it again, stirring shit up, as is his way.


Interviewing Kevin Smith... On Acid!

Silent Bob speaks! (To someone who is tripping balls.)