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THUMP Shorts: Guilty Pleasures

In the first episode of our new series, Cut Copy, Glitch Mob, Kitty Pryde, and the WEDIDIT crew get real about the songs they like to sing in the shower.


What the Fuck Is Going on in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'?

Seriously. What is happening?


We Interviewed the Shit Out of 50 Cent

We sent Kitty Pryde to go interview 50 Cent about his new record, and his old videogames.


A Basic Guide To Gig Etiquette

After the Kitty Pryde/Danny Brown incident earlier this week, the world needs a guide on how to have fun at a show without being a dick.


The Internet Is Scary

As of six months ago, my Facebook fanpage is like a dojo where hormonal teenagers hone their technique. Here is a heartfelt poem from some kid who wants to rape, kill, and marry me.


Noah x SELA: EP Premiere

We've got the UK premiere of Kitty Pryde's producers new EP.


Drake's New Song is Good but it Makes Me Feel Weird

If you're this mad at 5 in the morning then maybe you should let me take you to yoga and we can get some herbal tea and talk it out.


We Saw This: Kitty Pryde at 285 Kent

Kitty, who used to go by Kitty Pryde, played inside of 285 Kent on Thursday. I was there with my camera hunting for a scoop. My ability to scope out scoops is how I got my nickname, "Scoops."


Kitty Pryde is Just Kitty Now, But We Interviewed Her Anyway

We've also got a stream of her new record and we let her control our Twitter for the day.


Bad Advice... With Kitty Pryde - The Second Coming

Advice on how to build a good OK Cupid profile, how to play Street Fighter better and an explanation of why 4chan went to shit.


Bad Advice With Kitty Pryde

How to quit your crappy straightedge band, not run off with your 27 year-old boyfriend, and make your brother stop obsessing over Kendrick Lamar.