Kony 2012


Angelina Jolie Nearly Agreed to Lure and Capture Kony

A series of emails has revealed how the actress toyed with the idea of helping bait the warlord by taking him to dinner.


Dumping a Bucket of Ice on Your Head Does Not Make You a Philanthropist

Neither does tweeting about the latest trendy social movement.


The #NotaBugSplat Art Piece in Pakistan Won't Be Making Drone Pilots Feel Empathy

Drone pilots probably already know what children look like.


Bush League Rebels

The greatest threat to security here are the rebels no one wants to talk about, M23.


Kony 2012? Don't Worry Everyone, Africa Has a New Hero

Lindsey Stirling is here to save a continent with only God, a violin and a shitload of corporate cash to help her.


A Big Friday Night at... the Kony 2012 Protests!

Binging on mob justice in Central London.


Kony 2012: Part Two – There's a New Invisible Children Film out

Will Invisible Children go highbrow, or will they wank sadly into the camera while screaming about the devil?


The Hangover News

A footballer may have died in public this weekend, but you were too hungover to notice.


Beating the Kony Baloney

Jason Russell was probably masturbating while we were attempting to interview him.


Kony 2012: An Apology on International Women's Day

This goes out to all you women out there.


Should I Donate Money to Kony 2012 or Not?

And does seeking out Invisible Children's faults make me a cynical snob?