The City Where Each Side Completely Ignores the Other

In Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbs and Albanians live right next to each other, but never mingle.


The Pettiest Restaurant in the World

A Serbian restaurant only serves food from countries that don't recognise Kosovo's independence.


Kosovo Prepare For International Football Debut Amid Continued Controversy

Kosovo will make their competitive international debut tonight – but half of the team still don’t know if they’ll be allowed to play.


Kosovo Finally Getting UEFA Recognition After 25-Year Wait

With UEFA admitting Kosovo on May 3, the country's 25-year dream of full FIFA membership is almost complete.


Kosovo Accepted as Member of UEFA After Vote by Annual Congress

Kosovo’s application was strongly opposed by Serbia, which does not recognise its neighbour as an independent state.


Far-Right Serbians Protesting Radovan Karadžić's Genocide Prison Sentence

A far-right group used the happy coincidence of the former Bosnian Serb leader's war crime sentencing and an anniversary of NATO's bombing of Serbia to push an anti-EU agenda.


PREMIERE: Watch PJ Harvey's Seamus Murphy-Directed Video for "The Wheel"

With her ninth LP— 'The Hope Six Demolition Project'—imminent, we reveal the record's first video with Harvey and Murphy's journey to Kosovo at its center.


Photographing the Kosovan Olympic Team as They Prepare for Their First Olympic Games

Jane Stockdale photographs Kosovo's Olympians as they prepare for Rio 2016.


The New Football Hooligan Drama 'Barbarians' Is a Benchmark in Serbian Cinema

A snapshot of Belgrade in the run up to the mass protests in 2008, it feels strangely relevant to the UK's own problems with unemployment, nationalism and a disaffected youth.


We Visited the Clothes Store in Kosovo That's Dedicated to Hillary Clinton's Style

"Hillary" is near Bill Clinton Boulevard and it's packed full of pantsuits.


I Spent A Day With Kosovo's Hitler for Hire

"I go to funerals dressed as Hitler. That sometimes has a negative effect – those who've come to mourn, stop crying to talk to me instead."


Football and Kosovo's Fight for Independence

Kosovo produces great footballers, but an ongoing struggle for independence has left its ambitions hamstrung by global politics.