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Britain's Confusing Kurdish Policy Is Screwing Anti-ISIS Fighters

It's perfectly simple: they're fighting ISIS, who we hate, with the YPG, which is linked to the PKK, who Turkey – who we're selling weapons to – hates.
Norma Costello
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Destroying ISIS Won't Save Iraq

Thanks to rampant ethnic factionalism and retaliatory violence, it's going to take a lot more than the Mosul offensive to change the toxic dynamic on the ground.
Sulome Anderson

Tensions Rise as Turkey Builds a Dam on Ancient Land

The completion of the Ilisu Dam will result in the destruction of more than 248 miles of the Tigris's ecosystem, lead to the relocation of up to 70,000 people, and submerge numerous settlements.
Raphaël Fournier
The Photo Issue 2016

What It Looks Like When the Turkish Army Places Kurdish Communities Under Curfew

Miriam Stanke traveled to Van, Yüksekova, Silvan, Şırnak, and Nusaybin to meet some of the Kurds who had recently been confined in a curfew state by the Turkish government.
Miriam Stanke

'I Wanted the Real McCoy' – A Brit Who Fought ISIS in Iraq Looks Back on Two Years of the Caliphate

Mike, a 54-year-old dance teacher from Portsmouth, spent six months in Iraq battling the Islamic State. Today marks two years since the group declared its caliphate, so we spoke to him about his time there and how he thinks the battle can be won.
Matt Blake
The Borders Issue

Kobani: Sketches of a City Under Seige

It is strange, is it not, to deny the hand of the artist in favor of the hand of history? Michael Taussig travels through the ruins of Syria in this moving essay from the June issue of VICE magazine.
Michael Taussig

This Syrian Composer Is Now a Refugee Writing Music on the Street

With little hope of working with an orchestra, Mouataz Arian is using his computer to create compositions about the refugee crisis while in exile in Turkey.
Cody Punter

We Spoke to the Former Model Who Joined the Kurdish Fight Against ISIS

Hanna Bohman, a.k.a. Tiger Sun, returned to the war recently, saying she couldn't imagine returning to her real job.
Triska Hamid

The Hangover News

This weekend, <i>The Sun</i> published a photo of the Queen doing a Nazi salute as a child, and it was claimed that ISIS has set up its first European training camp.
Mac Hackett

NATO Vets Are Setting Up Commando and Sniper Schools for the Kurds

The group says it plans to deploy in May, but is first seeking donations to finance 25 members to be on duty for 12 months.
Ben Makuch

Sorry, Kurds, Canada Has No Guns to Give

The Minister of Defence says the Canadian military might ferry another country's arms to the Peshmerga fighters, but its shelves are bare.
Justin Ling

Watch Our HBO Report on the Illicit Rhino-Horn Trade

In the latest episode of the second season of <i>VICE</i>, Thomas Morton heads to Syria to take a look at the front line of the battle for a Kurdish state, and Vikram Gandhi traces the illicit rhino-horn trade.
VICE Staff