A Navajo Artist Breaks Down His Tribe’s Urban Outfitters Lawsuit

Lehi Thunder Voice Eagle Sanchez explains how people can buy proper Native arts and crafts.
DJ Pangburn

A Brief and Depressing History of Rape Laws

In many societies, rape was defined as a crime against property—if it was defined as a crime at all.
Allie Conti

This Town Is Trying Desperately to Put Nappies on Horses

The city of Selma passed a law in 2013 requiring horse owners to diaper their horses in order to cut down on the amount of poop in the streets, but almost no one is following it.
Harry Cheadle

Someone Turned '2001: A Space Odyssey' into 569 GIFs

Now you can watch Kubrick's sci-fi masterpiece in its entirety... on GIPHY?
Nathaniel Ainley

Canada’s Child Sex Doll Trial Raises Uncomfortable Questions About Paedophilia and the Law

A man was arrested for ordering a child sex doll through the mail, but a growing number of experts think child pornography laws are too harsh.
Dorian Geiger

Can Activists Beat the Gun Lobby at Its Own Game?

Moms Demand Action was launched the day after 20 first-graders and six adults were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School and is now a central grassroots force in lobbying for universal background checks on all gun sales.
Annalies Winny

Insta of the Week: PETA Sues Over the Monkey Selfie

This has serious implications for the entire animal kingdom.
Beckett Mufson
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Minnesota Finally Made It Illegal to Sneak Your Bodily Fluids into Somebody’s Food or Drink

Lawmakers decided to step in after a guy got caught ejaculating into his co-worker's coffee cup last year.
River Donaghey
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Growing a Small Amount of Weed in the UK Is Basically Legal, Says Top Cop

The leader of the National Police Chiefs Council said that small grow operations are likely to be merely "recorded" rather than investigated.
Carlton Férment
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A Petition Has Forced British MPs to Consider Cannabis Legalisation

The House of Commons will have a debate to consider freeing the weed in September.
Carlton Férment
Post Mortem

Necrophilia Is a Tough Crime to Adjudicate

Laws for governing the treatment of dead bodies are murky at best and contradictory at worst, since it's more of an ethical question whether corpses should be treated like people or property.
Simon Davis

A Reminder: the Police Are Responsible for Young Brits Not Trusting the Police

We went to Diane Abbott's meeting about stop and search laws in Parliament last night, where consensus was that the onus is on police – not young people – to start behaving like decent human beings.
Frankie Mullin, Photos: Jake Lewis