Led Zeppelin

Remembering Things

The Spectacular Failure of the World's Only Hard Rock Theme Park

Hard Rock Park boasted rides themed around Led Zeppelin songs and acid trips, but it closed after just five months, amid the 2008 financial crisis. Ten years later, we visited the abandoned site to find out how it went off the rails.
Will Caiger-Smith

Chicago Avant-Metal Stalwart Bruce Lamont Is Constantly Experimenting

Stream the musician's dark, nuanced new solo album, 'Broken Limbs Excite No Pity.'
Emily Reily

A Look Back at Hipgnosis, Pioneers of the Avant-Garde Record Cover

The English design group dreamed up iconic covers for Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, and more.
Demented Burrocacao

The Man Behind Rock Music's Most Iconic Photos Discusses His Process

Up-and-coming shooter Elijah Dominique interviews Neal Preston, a photographer who has shot timeless photos of everyone from Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley to Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.
Elijah Dominique
Where's The Beef

Robbie Williams Is Very Sorry He Accused Jimmy Page of Spying on Him

Finally putting a stop to the beef that has shaken British music.
Lauren O'Neill

Don't Cry Over HMV – Go Support Your Local Record Shop

Your uncle's favourite CD shop has gone down in Canada, though it clings on in the UK.
Luke Ottenhof
Noisey News

Robbie Williams Thinks Jimmy Page is Spying On His House

Williams says the Led Zeppelin founder has "been sitting in his car outside our house, four hours at a time."
Lauren O'Neill

Led Zeppelin Have Won Their "Stairway to Heaven" Copyright Case

According to a jury, Jimmy Page did not plagiarize the "Stairway" intro from Spirit's song "Taurus."
Phil Witmer
Longreads Or Whatever

Can I Break an Old Man's Heart by Telling Him Led Zeppelin May Have Stolen "Stairway to Heaven"?

I hit the many streets and guitar shops of London to find out.
Oobah Butler

What Are Surgeons Listening to While You're Under the Knife?

From Avicii to Zeppelin to Brand New, what gives surgeons a steady hand during hours and hours of pressure situations.
Michael Haskoor

Thirteen Trippy Rock'n'Roll Cartoons You Should Almost Definitely Not Show to Children

Freak out over the killer soundtracks for this this devil's dozen of vintage, psychedelic, and definitely NSFW animations.
Thinkpieces And Shit

You're Getting Totally Ripped Off by Reissues, Box Sets and Deluxe Editions

As Christmas approaches, it seems like all your favourites are putting out their shit b-sides with a tote bag and a photo book.
Joe Zadeh