LGBT rights


Poland’s Populist Government Has Declared War on the LGBTQ Community

"People who look stereotypically queer or gay are being attacked on the street for this, almost every day."


UK Supreme Court Backs Bakery That Refused to Make Pro-Gay Marriage Cake

“This court has held that ‘nobody should be forced to have or express a political opinion in which he [or she] does not believe,’” justice Lady Hale said.


Which MPs Have the Worst Records on LGBT rights?

After Andrew Turner and Tim Farron came under fire for public comments, who else should voters be wary of?


Supreme Court Sends Transgender Bathroom Case Back to Appeals Court

The move comes after Trump removed an Obama-era guidance allowing students to use the restroom that aligned with their expressed gender, rather than biological sex.


The Mayor of London's Strategy to Revive LGBT Nightlife

How do you react when half of a city's clubs close within a decade?


Meet the Activists Running London's First Queer Tour of LGBT History

In a year when David Cameron's been hailed as an LGBT ally, this group are taking back ownership of queer culture's fight against conservatism.


An MP Talked for So Long That Parliament Couldn't Vote on the 'Turing Bill'

Justice Minister Sam Gyimah filbustered the House of Commons, forcing the debate on a bill to pardon living men's outdated same-sex convictions to be postponed.


We Spoke to the Man Who Really Wants a Separate Country for Gay People

Meet Viktor Zimmermann, the director of the Gay Homeland Foundation and a man with a vehement plan to establish a gay-led country.


A Girl in the Boys' Locker Room

I don't regret growing up as an athlete. But not everything about sports is healthy, and for me, as a transgender woman, the locker room was toxic.


Remembering the 1980s Lesbian and Gay Centre That Didn’t Last a Decade

We spoke to some of the people who ran and visited a Labour-funded LGBT space that opened 30 years ago before dying a premature death in the 90s.


It’s Time for Northern Irish Politicians to Stop Using Marriage Equality as a Bargaining Chip

If even the Isle of Man, also a traditionally conservative country, can step up and embrace equal marriage rights, we need to untangle the political mess that holds Northern Ireland back.


The Pledge of Silence: Homosexuality in French Football

While some efforts have been made to tackle homophobia in French football, it's a problem which many are happy to ignore. Until the authorities make a cogent plan for fighting discrimination, progress can only ever be limited.