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Remembering Things

How Diana Ross, a Pasty, and a Public Boob Pat Enshrined Lil' Kim as a Legend

Twenty years ago today and long before Instagram, Diana Ross did the original double-tap on Lil' Kim's left breast.
Kristin Corry

An Ode to Lil' Kim's 'Ladies Night,' One of the Best Posse Cuts of All Time

With seven female rappers in the US's Hot 100 for the first time in a decade, we revisit the 1997 single that pioneered rap's sisterhood.
Kristin Corry
Noisey News

Kim Kardashian West's Party Prep Playlist Is... Actually Good?

Cher, Lil' Kim, SZA, and of course, Kanye all appear on her new Spotify playlist.
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Lil’ Kim’s "Took Us a Break" Video Is Obviously Hard as Nails

Time for another round of Lil' Kim season.
Noisey Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Kelela Channels 90's Lil' Kim in Her Video for "LMK"

The new clip accompanies the single she released last week.
Lauren O'Neill
Remembering Things

20 Years Ago Lil' Kim's "All About the Benjamins" Verse Took Over the Summer

Biggie was the star attraction, but Lil' Kim stole the show.
Andrew Martin
New music

Lil Kim, Eve and Trina Unite on Missy Elliott's "I'm Better" Remix

I hope you're sitting comfortably.
Lauren O'Neill

The Bad Boy Documentary Isn’t a Puff Piece (Although It Is a Puff Daddy Piece)

We talked to director Daniel Kauffman about the film that chronicles the rise of the Bad Boy empire.
Lawrence Burney
Holy Shit

Put Your Lighters Up! Lil’ Kim is Back With a New Mixtape ‘Lil Kim Season’

The release includes freestyles over Drake’s “Summer’s Sixteen”, Desiigner’s “Panda” and a really weird version of Rihanna’s “Work”
Daisy Jones
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Fetty Wap's Performance of "Trap Queen" at the BET Awards Gave Everyone Life

This is how you get a room full of famous people to turn up.
Noisey Staff
Objectively Correct Lists

Sixty-Nine Songs That Are Unequivocally About Boning

Happy Valentines Day!
Ryan Bassil

Fun Facts About Music That We Forgot About

This isn't a bait list: we all know "Umbrella" was originally written for Mary J Blige. Instead here's some weird music facts you may not know.
Ryan Bassil