All Night Long It's Going to Be Lit in Banx and Ranx's Video For "Lit"

These guys are at the forefront of Montreal's music scene – and they know how to turn the dial up to 11.
Noisey Staff
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Hakuna Matlanta: Donald Glover Will Play Simba in the Upcoming ‘Lion King’ Remake

Everything the light touches will be extremely lit.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Rae Sremmurd and Kodak Black Get Christmas Lit in New “Real Chill” Video

Definitely better than your Christmas party.
Alex Robert Ross

The VICE Guide to Slang in 2017 (According to a 20-Year-Old VICE Employee)

Everything you need to know about never using “lit” again.
Jake Kivanc
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Destroy Your Year-End Lists, These Kids Rapping About Maths Is Objectively the Best

“Divide, multiply, and subtract ayyyy.”
Devin Pacholik
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This Video of Lit Performing in 1999 is an Important Cultural Artifact of a Forgotten Time

Teenage girls, Drew Barrymore haircuts, biker bandanas, fist-pumping dads, pure enthusiasm, aviators, flames on shirts – this is a historical snapshot of a pop punk gig in the 90s.
Emma Garland
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Tidal Sent Free Updated Copies of Kanye West's 'The Life of Pablo' to Everyone Who Paid for It

I miss the old 'Pablo.'
Craig Jenkins
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TURN UP: This LED Rave Headband Will Change the Way You Party

"Built for festivals. Optimized for raging."
Kyle Kramer