A Pro Skater Has Written the First Good Skateboarding Book for Kids

Karl Watson's 'My First Skateboard' is the best way to introduce your whippersnapper to the magical world of shred sleds.


Three Books Blurring the Borders of Memory and Reality

Lately I've been finding it hard to trust what I read unless it makes an attempt at caving in the borders between the page and the world beyond.


Step Inside a Book Labyrinth Shaped Like Borges' Fingerprint

250,000 books were sculpted into a maze by artists Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo.


VICE sits down for a chat with the Norwegian author of the six-volume, novelized memoir 'My Struggle.'

VICE sits down for a chat with the Norwegian author of the six-volume, novelized memoir My Struggle.


[Exclusive] Visualizing 36 Years of Iranian Literary Censorship

Talking to Small Media about their interactive visualization of Iran's literary censorship from the 1979 revolution through to today.


A War Doctor Turned Poet Treats PTSD with Literature

We spoke with war poet Frederick Foote, a neurologist who's making poetry a required course of treatment in military hospitals.


​Food Is a Private Hell; Love Is a Private Hell

Sarah Gerard's debut novel weaves a familiar range of personal terror in a vibrant, addictive display of prose.


'Preparation for the Next Life': An Interview with Atticus Lish

Atticus Lish's first novel is, in the opinions of many of the world's ​literary tastemakers, really fucking good.


Love in the Time of Xanax and Nokia

Timothy Willis Sanders walks the line between the commonplace and the fantastic.


'Sprezzatura' Basically Means You’re Chill But You Give a Shit

Mike Young writes poetry about anything you could find in a bin.


Too Lazy To Read "Ulysses"? Virtual Reality Lit Game Lets You Play It

VR book gaming is the new Cliffsnotes.


Underappreciated Masterpieces: J. G. Ballard’s 'High Rise'

I was sold on High Rise (1975) after the first ten words: “Later, as he sat on his balcony eating the dog…”