London living wage


The High Street Hall of Shame: All the Companies Ripping Off Their Employees Over the Living Wage

The introduction of a national living wage should have been a good thing, but some bad bastard employers on the high street are using it as an excuse to cut benefits. Here they are, rounded up, for you to ogle at.


Meet the Topshop Cleaners Fighting for the London Living Wage

What it's like to earn less than the cost of a mid-range Topshop coat in a week.


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A Portrait of Modern Inequality: What Will Become of The National Gallery?

Last July, a decision was made to outsource 400 out of 600 gallery staff. Almost everyone will be transferred from the public sector to a private company, with potentially disastrous consequences.


How Britain Dealt with the Shit Hitting the Fan in 2014

Some protests are better than others – here's what the nation's angry, poor and disenfranchised learned in the last 12 months.