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How I Quit Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon

Plus: a how-to guide if you want to quit the biggest companies in tech.
Daniel Oberhaus
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The Man Who Lives Inside His Dreams

When the most important people in his life all died in quick succession, Stephen Wright channeled his bereavement into turning his semi-detached house into a work of art.
Joe Zadeh

Inside the Repulsive World of 'Hurtcore', the Worst Crimes Imaginable

Today, Matthew Falder – Cambridge academic and producer of "hurtcore" materials – was jailed for 32 years.
Max Daly

How Elvis Depressedly Captured the American South's Conflicted Identity

The area's social polarity directly influences the duo, setting them apart as one of the most intriguing prospects to emerge from the Bible belt.
Rachel Grace Almeida

Westway to the World: At Home with AJ Tracey

Catching up with one of the stars of 2017, as he moves from Drake's inbox to superstardom while keeping his west London roots intact.
Frederick Macpherson

The Story of How China's Second City Became a Hotbed for Dancehall and Dub

For a fundamentally international place, dub-culture has taken a long time to find a place—but thanks to a handful of leading lights, it's beginning to make itself at home.
Barclay Bram Shoemaker

'Anal Queen' Asa Akira Is Having a Porn-Life Crisis

We spent time with the immensely successful porn star to talk about her new memoir, where she's headed in the next phase of her life, and how to properly prepare for butt sex.
Erica Euse
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Corruption, Abuse and Manslaughter: The Inexcusable Failings of Britain’s Worst Police Force

After Orgreave, Hillsborough and Rotherham – alongside many other allegations of wrongdoing – there have been calls for South Yorkshire Police to be completely disbanded. Here's how it got to that point.
Mark Wilding, Images: Marta Parszeniew

Tears of a Clown: The American Nightmare That Created the Insane Clown Posse

How two poor white kids from Detroit became the leaders of a hated and misunderstood subculture that is centred around macabre raps, face paint, Faygo and family.
Mitchell Sunderland
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Is The Billboard Chart Broken?

Or is an internet troll trying to sabotage Lady Gaga's career?
Ryan Bassil
The What Da Fug You Lookin’ At Issue

Soul on Fire

California is burning – can a motley crew of prisoners save it?
James Pogue
The What Da Fug You Lookin’ At Issue

The Child-Rape Assembly Line

Meeting the Rabbi who's been ostracised for sounding the alarm on child rape.
Christopher Ketcham