Look What You Made Me Do

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Taylor Swift Takes a Break from Her Busy Revenge Schedule on "Gorgeous"

The Max Martin-produced number is the newest song from 'Reputation,' out 10 November.
Lauren O'Neill
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Traffic Signs in Iowa Are Using Taylor Swift Lyrics to Get People Off Their Phones

Look what your reckless driving made them do.
Lauren O'Neill

The Rise of Cardi B Proves the Old Pop Music Machine Is Dead

Authenticity and a genuinely great song can get you to the top and artists like Taylor Swift are having a hard time reckoning with this new change.
Sarah MacDonald
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Listen to Taylor Swift's New Song, "...Ready For It?"

The new song, premiered by ESPN during a college football game on Saturday night, doesn’t sound anything like “Look What You Made Me Do."
Alex Robert Ross
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Possible Alien Device Pulled from Beach near Taylor Swift's House

"It does not feel like aliens have overtaken me, that it has this nefarious feel to it," said a local reporter.
Alex Robert Ross

Taylor Swift Needs to Sit This Year Out

The pop star has always avoided politics, but in Trump's America, there is no more room for her petty personal drama.
Dan Ozzi
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Here's Taylor Swift's Full "Look What You Made Me Do" Video

Swift premiered the video for her polarizing new song at the 2017 VMAs.
Noisey Staff
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The 'Old Taylor' Isn’t Dead If She’s Still Holding a Grudge

Only Taylor Swift 1.0 would write "Look What You Made Me Do" about moving on but fill it with barbed jabs about karma.
sam wolfson